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Top 3 upgrades for your cabinets this spring

It’s spring! The weather is getting warmer, and a ton of fun events are on the horizon. But that also means spring cleaning is also underway. This daunting task can be so much easier with organized cabinets. Here are three upgrades for your cabinets across your home that will make it more organized. 

Heavy Duty Storage Organizer 

Storage in the Laundry Room is often neglected. Many homes have between 2-3 cabinets to store everything for cleaning clothes. The best way to pack the most in a laundry room is to maximize storage space and organizing. That’s where the Heavy-Duty Storage Basket Cabinet Organizer comes in handy. These drawers have a soft-close functionality, and have an adjustable width, expanding from 12.25 inches to 20.25 inches, meaning they can fit in almost any cabinet. The three-tiered design makes it the go-to solution for storing everything from laundry detergent to cleaning supplies all in one cabinet. It’s super easy to install as well, maximizing your storage space where you need it most.


Swiveling Lazy Susan  

Kitchens normally have the most cabinets, but that also means all that storage can get cluttered. Incorporating Lazy Susan cabinet organizers offers an optimal solution for maximizing space and accessibility in the kitchen, especially for storing pots and pans; Often needing to take out half the items inside just to get to one specific pan The Kessebohmer LeMans II Lazy Susan can combat your organizational woes.  The two-tiered system brings the pots from the depths of your cabinets to your fingertips with just a swivel. Store your sets of hardware as you please, as the LeMans II can hold up to 55 pounds on each of its shelves. Make cooking time easier and more convenient. Your cabinets will thank you, and you’ll love your cabinets back!  


Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Storage Organizer 

The bathroom can be a crazy place. Bathroom vanity cabinets can be cluttered with cleaning supplies, soaps, skincare products and medications. These essentials often take up a ton of valuable space. The Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Storage Organizer can make your bathroom feel like a spa. This pullout powerhouse stands at 25.5 inches tall, 11.75 inches wide, 21.625 inches deep, which fits in most bathroom cabinets. Boasting 4 shelves, every bathroom essential can be stored neatly and with zero hassle. The soft-close drawer mechanism will reduce noise and strain on your cabinets and brings everything you need in one convenient package. Digging through your cabinets for that scrub or lotion will be a thing of the past! 

Cabinet Accessories for Every Room 

A simple accessory or upgrade can make your cabinets much more useful. The Häfele Cabinet Protector Mat can fit in every cabinet, protecting them from spills and wear and tear. Its flexible rubber design can be cut to size for every cabinet in your home, and its rubber texture keeps cabinet contents upright and stable. KI Home also carries standard lazy susans, such as this Rev-A-Shelf Dual Shelf Lazy Susan. Throw it into any cabinet to reach spices, sauces, and jars with a swivel! A Pullout Chrome Wire Hamper can make laundry days even easier, hiding clothes behind a cabinet, and can be removed when the bin is full. KI Home also has an extensive line of cabinet hardware such as door pull handles, drawer pulls and fixtures if you’re looking for a new look this spring. 

Whatever cabinet solutions you need, has the organization solution for every cabinet in your home!  Show your cabinets some love and shop now! What are you waiting for! 

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