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Hafele Loox

Hafele Loox

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Hafele Loox is an innovative lighting system designed by Hafele, a leader in furniture fittings and architectural hardware. The Loox system is specifically engineered for integration into furniture and cabinetry, providing versatile and customizable lighting solutions. It includes a range of LED lights that are energy-efficient, have adjustable brightness and color temperatures, and are easy to install. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, Hafele Loox enhances the ambiance and functionality of spaces like kitchens, closets, and offices with its sleek, modern design and user-friendly interface.

Integrating KI Home into the Hafele Loox system elevates the smart home experience. KI Home's expertise in smart home technology complements the Loox system's lighting solutions, allowing for enhanced control and automation features. Through this collaboration, users can enjoy a seamless integration of lighting with other smart home elements, such as automated control systems, voice command capabilities, and synchronization with other smart devices. This partnership aims to offer a more cohesive, efficient, and customizable living environment, where lighting and smart technology work in harmony to create an ideal atmosphere for every occasion.
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