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Kesseböhmer, renowned for its expertise in metal processing, has been revolutionizing storage solutions since 1954. Their innovative products, spanning from cabinetry to kitchen inventions, excel in optimizing space utilization while maintaining superb quality. As an owner-led company, Kesseböhmer blends tradition with innovation, prioritizing customer satisfaction in every endeavor. 

Their strive to excellence extends beyond product development, encompassing environmental protection, work safety, and supply availability. Upholding rigorous quality assurance standards, Kesseböhmer's milestones in product innovation have simplified lives and elevated industry standards. Continuously expanding globally, they remain true to their core values as a global leader in specialized system components. Their flagship product, the Lemans II shelving system, exemplifies their dedication to sleek design and functionality, offering unparalleled ease of access and organization for blind corner cabinets and corner kitchen pantry cabinets alike.
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